Community Action
Scholls Valley Native Nursery, LLC was officially established in 2003 as a licensed
wholesale native plant nursery.  We are certified by the State of Oregon, Office of Minority,
Women and Emerging Small Business Program as an Emerging Small Business and a
Woman Business Enterprise.  We are dedicated to providing native plants in helping restore
the Willamette Valley's thousands of acres of wetlands, forests and riparian areas.
We are committed to working with and educating others in our community to create a better
world for our children to live in.  As a small business, we take an active part in fulfilling our
responsibility to work together with others in our community to support our environment and
our children.  We provide outreach to children through our restoration projects with
Fowler Middle School in Tigard, Oregon.
We donate plants, volunteer time and/or provide financial support to the following
Audubon Society of Oregon
American Cancer Society
Doernbecher Children's Hospital
Exotic Species Control Project
Fowler Middle School
Nature Conservancy
Oregon Public Broadcasting
Southside Soccer Association
Tigard-Tualatin Schools
Tualatin Riverkeepers
Wildcat Haven
The native plants we place into the ground today will help to restore and replenish Oregon's
rapidly eroding ecosystem.  However, as we plant and replenish our wetlands, forests and
riparian wildlife habitats, we are working against a rising tide of invasive plants that are
corrupting our ecosystem, and in many cases, strangling our native plants.  In order to stop
the flood of these invasives in Oregon, Scholls Valley Native Nursery, LLC proudly supports
the work of the
Western Invasive Plant Alliance (WIPA) to promote responsible laws and
restrictions for the importation of plants from outside the United States.  Please refer to the
official website of the WIPA to find out more about this tremendous hurdle to our natural
habitats and how you can assist with finding a solution for our future.
Please visit our
native plant page to find out more about our plants and management
To order plants, please see our
availability page or contact us for the latest information.

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